‘An atmospherically creepy ghost story that keeps you guessing till the end! Sally Harris is one to watch.’ —Angela Clarke

Kate Keeling abandons all she knows to move to Haverscroft House in a desperate attempt to salvage her marriage. Unaware of the tragic secrets lurking behind its beautiful and decaying facade, Kate can’t ignore the creeping dread swelling within her as she settles her family and builds a home in a house she loathes.

Her workaholic husband, Mark, insists Kate’s growing fears are all in her mind. If she continues with fanciful imaginings she will be ill again and unable to care for their two children. Only when one of the twins asks about the people in the spare room does Kate begin to realise the danger within the walls of the house they now call home. Can she keep her children safe and escape Haverscroft House even if it will surely end her marriage?

Haverscroft is a gripping and chilling dark tale of physical and mental isolation, a modern ghost story that will keep you turning its pages late into the night.



‘An atmospherically creepy ghost story that keeps you guessing till the end! Sally Harris is one to watch.’ —Angela Clarke

Reviews For Haverscroft

'A perfect modern ghost story that will have you hiding under the covers.' Prima Magazine.


'A brilliant modern gothic tale which plays on the expectations of the role of women, the manipulation of their mental health and the risks they will take for their children, ‘Haverscroft’ is a perfect late night read from a major new talent in the field of ghost stories.' - Rachel Read It

‘An atmospherically creepy ghost story that keeps you guessing till the end! Sally Harris is one to watch.’ —Angela Clarke, The Sunday Times Best Selling Author

‘Haverscroft is a very modern ghost/psychological story. It’s written in an apparently effortless and easy style, which I’m sure this was a lot of hard work to achieve. The uncomplicated prose allows the mood and atmosphere of the novel to seep into your pores – this a genuinely gripping tale.’ —Paul Burke, NB Magazine

Haverscroft is probably my perfect Halloween read. I'm not a huge fan of traditional horror stories, and rarely read ghostly tales; this contemporary telling of the age-old haunted house tale is superbly done and I enjoyed every single spine-tingling page. - Anne Cater, Random Things Through My Letter Box

A beautifully atmospheric and gripping debut that kept me awake at night. A complex ghost story which didn’t disappoint. Highly recommended. - Ruby Speechley, Someone Else’s Baby


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                                      ABOUT ME

My first novel, Haverscroft, was published by Salt Publications on the 15th May 2019. The story centres around a family trying to hold together as the parent’s marriage struggles to survive an infidelity. Life gets a whole lot more difficult once they move to a new home for a fresh start. No-one told them Haverscroft House was haunted. 


I juggle writing with a full-time legal career with varying degrees of success. After completing Law School in Chester in 1986 I moved to Norwich to train as a solicitor where I still live with my husband and three children.


Once our third child was born, I needed something to do beyond work, the school run and all the daily domestic stuff. I enrolled on a writing diploma at the UEA which only required me to attend a class for two hours on a Wednesday evening each week. It was enough to get me hooked. More courses followed.


It quickly became clear I am a writer of dark tales. Happy, light and cheery are not my thing. My stories have creepy old houses and secrets to make a reader shiver and leave the light on after dark. The stories of M.R.James, Daphne Du Maurier, Susan Hill, Sarah Waters and Kate Mosse crowd the bookshelves at home along with the children’s stash of David Walliams and J.K.Rowlings.


I joined a writing group and met other writers and made firm friends who became the beta readers of the early drafts of what would become Haverscroft. As my story evolved into a novel and encouraged by writer friends, I entered a few writing competitions. I came runner up in the Brixton BookJam Debut Novelist Competition and won The Retreat West Crime Writers Competition. I was shortlisted for The Fresher Prize First 500 Words of a Novel and published in their anthology, Monsters.

Haverscroft was longlisted for Not The Booker Prize in 2019 and a semi-finalist in the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award 2020.


When I can find a few minutes between work and the chaos of family life I am trying to write my second novel, Silent Goodbye, a supernatural tale set on the Suffolk coast.



Contact me if you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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