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Magnus by Mark Carew

Magnus is a novel that weaves together the story of two young men. The first is Magnus who is attending a field trip to finish off his degree with a small group of other students. They are based on a remote Norwegian island owned by the professor leading the trip who also agreed to Magnus attending for the week.

The island has no phone or internet connection. Magnus is a disturbing character, his behaviour has caused such issues other students have shunned the trip. This is Magnus’s final chance to finish his degree, the university has extended his time to finish his studies but his behaviour soon leads to the rest of the group expelling him from the cabin they all share. Only Mette has some empathy for Magnus and we soon learn he has a soft spot for her.

The second young man is Alexander Clearly who is travelling around Norway. The reader follows his adventures as he meets fellow travellers and natives and gradually makes his way to the same island where the university student’s field-trip is based. Alexander buys a wolf skin early on in the story and wears this on his travels.

The Norwegian setting is vivid and adds to the atmosphere of isolation and unease that threads through the story. Short chapters keep up the pace and the pages turning ramping up the tension to the plots enjoyable and satisfy climax. An enjoyable read.

Magnus by Mark Carew was published by Salt Publishing in 2019. Copies are available directly from the publisher and all the usual online places.

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