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The Haunting Of Strawberry Water - By Tara Gould

The Haunting of Strawberry Water is a tiny nugget of reading delight. Gould’s compelling mix of Ghost Story and Domestic Noir keeps the reader turning the 48 pages of this miniature book until the very end. Short enough to savour it whole in a single sitting, it is a story that stays with the reader for much longer.

A young mother struggles with postnatal depression following the long and difficult delivery of her first child. The birth and pregnancy stir her desire to try to track down her own mother who had abandoned her as a baby decades ago.

The story focuses on postnatal depression, psychological and mental health issues. These naturally feed into the supernatural elements of the story, the narrator feeling detached and isolated from her own life and young baby.

The Haunting of Strawberry Water will appeal to readers who have enjoyed Sarah Waters, The Little Stranger or Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. I would highly recommend it as a beautifully written, modern ghost story.

The Haunting of Strawberry Water will be published by Myriad Editions 29th January 2020.

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